Electrical Schematics for Campervan Systems

Electrical Schematics for Campervan Systems

I've worked on a couple projects creating electrical schematics for campervans. Using AutoCAD Electrical I created professional-grade schematics detailing the installation (done by yours truly) and protection schemes of the system.

Here are parts of various AutoCAD Electrical diagrams I created as part of these projects.

See https://van.maroukis.net/06-electrical-systems for system diagrams, also included here

Example 12V Distribution: https://van.maroukis.net/img/screen-12v.png

Example Main Battery Compartment: https://van.maroukis.net/img/screen-main-bat.png

Example AC system: https://van.maroukis.net/img/screen-ac.png

Example Battery Display and Protective Relay Wiring: https://van.maroukis.net/img/screen-bmv.png

Annotated for description. The Victron 712 Smart BMV has a NO relay that drives the Blue Sea Systems ML-RBS Contura Switch "+12V to close" line (Brown wire). This relay is activated by an undervoltage condition and is a last-stop measure to protect the batteries from being over discharged.